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   Submit Project Request                   

Buyers looking for quotes on a web development project can fill out the Project Request Form in less than five minutes to receive bids from dozens of related service providers. There is no financial obligation for filling out a project request. Only providers are responsible for a small commission fee, which is already included in the bid amount. 

The only "obligation" a buyer has to Developreneurs is to please identify which provider you select to complete your project. If you select a provider outside the Developreneurs network, or do not hire any provider for whatever reason, there is still no financial obligation.

Additional information-
Privacy Policy: explains how and why all contact information is kept confidential.
Project Request Form Help: explains each section of the project request form in detail.
Project Submission Tips: explains what information providers need and includes two example project requests.

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   Request Posted To Project Board                   

Once you submit a request it will be reviewed by editors within minutes and posted to the Project Board. Project requests are reviewed to ensure accuracy and restrict specific information from public view. 

For example, if you post that your current website is, the editors will pass that information on to the providers while restricting it from public view. The policy protects your information and prevents any unwanted solicitations from unauthorized companies or individuals.

The public project board is primarily for buyers who want to check their project without logging in, or buyers wanting to see comparable projects. Providers also use the board to take a quick look at available requests.

When you view a public project page, only the first few sentences of the provider's bid are displayed. Primary bid information is kept confidential between the buyer and provider. The policy helps to protect a provider's proprietary service information and ensure the buyer receives a comprehensive bid proposal.

To view the complete description of each bid for your own project, you can read the bids you receive via email, or login and view the complete list of all bids online for easier comparison. Logging in to view all of the bids also puts each provider's portfolio just a click away. 

To view a provider's portfolio, simply click the company name. On the following page you see a complete company description, and a list of projects with links to each portfolio example.

If you have read the Project Submission Tips and are still looking for further ideas or examples, we recommend looking through the requests on the project board. It will give you a good idea of the cost of similar projects.

Requests are posted to the project board for a maximum of 14 days, however, most projects receive dozens of bids within the first 24-48 hours. If you select the provider before the project automatically terminates, you can login and delete the request.

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   Providers Review Your Project Request                   

The moment your request is posted to the board, a copy of the request is sent instantly to all providers qualified for that type of request. The instant notification ensures that your request will be reviewed as soon as possible by all available providers.

Providers are able to select what types of projects they are interested in, and when they want to receive notifications. A provider who only does website and graphic design will set the system to only receive those types of projects. Providers busy on large or long term projects will deactivate all notifications until they are available.

When you submit a project you can be confident that it will be reviewed as soon as possible by hundreds of providers, ensuring the best possible price in the shortest amount of time based on provider experience and availability.

The instant email bid notification also allows certain information to be passed on to providers while restricting it from the public project board. If a buyer gives a website URL as a design style example, that information is forwarded to the provider in the bid notification, but the URL is not displayed on the public project board. 

All restricted information is limited primarily to website URL's for example purposes. Contact information including phone numbers and email addresses are never passed on to providers. Buyers wishing to give providers their contact information can do so once they receive the bids.

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   Receive Bids Via Email                   

The email bid system is designed to be completely hassle free for buyers. Once you submit a request, providers will review your project and submit their bids. Providers never have access to your contact information, so you are free to respond to only the providers you are interested in.

Below is a copy of an example bid.*

The link at the top gives you a direct link to your public project page as a quick reference. 

Once you receive an email bid you are interested in, you can choose to reply directly to the email, or call the phone number listed at the bottom of the bid. 

The link at the bottom takes you to the provider's portfolio for a complete company description and to view their portfolio project examples.

*The phone number and email addresses have been modified for example purposes.

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   Select Service Provider                   

Once you have received your bids it is time to determine the provider that is right for you.

The look of the project will be around long after the build process is completed. It is extremely important to find a provider who has demonstrated through previously created works that they are capable of designing what you want. 

At the bottom of each email bid is a link to each provider's portfolio. Be sure to take the time to look through the portfolios of providers you are interested in and narrow your choices down to the providers who can create the type of style you are looking for.

Cost is obviously one of the most important factors to a buyer. Because your project request is viewed by hundreds of providers, your chances of finding a company that is extremely familiar with exactly what you are looking for is greatly increased, resulting in significant savings. 

Providers who have completed similar projects can offer increased savings on both the design and backend of your project. For example, a provider who has created a similar store front may only need to make design modifications to an existing project instead of building the entire website from scratch. 

The following testimonial is a perfect example of saving money through provider familiarity.

"We submitted a project for a classifieds website that had many unique functions. Our independent marketing consultant set the budget for the project at $15,000. After posting our project we received 32 bids ranging from $3,800 to $21,500. One provider bid $5,500 stating they had completed a similar project and could use the backend at no expense. Our costs would only be for modifying their existing system to fit our needs. We were satisfied after being able to review the working model of the original system and hired the provider. Our system was completed in 5 weeks for a total cost of $4,800, more than $10,000 under budget! We are sold on this type of system and will be submitting additional projects in the future." Walter Rothschild, International Autos, LTD

You will receive many bids for your project. Taking a little time to select the provider that best fits your goals and budget will ensure the fastest and most cost effective solution.

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   Project Is Created                   

Once you select a provider it is time to initiate the build process. 

Buyers can be confident knowing that all service providers have been pre-screened based on experience, past work with specific project examples, provider accessibility to customers, and flexible payment services.

However, except for relatively small projects, it is strongly recommended that you secure a signed provider/buyer service agreement outlining costs, time frames, confidentiality clauses, etc. Most providers already have standardized agreements drawn up. View an example agreement.

Once you have secured an agreement and deposits have been made, it is time for the provider to build your project. 

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