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Project Assistant Services

The Challenge: 

There are many questions you must answer before beginning a web development project if you are going to get the most for your money in the shortest period of time. What type of website? Do you use Flash or not? Do you use an intro page or post all information on the home page? Do you optimize for quick loading or go for a more quality presentation? Do you need shared hosting or a dedicated server? Do you need a client controlled edit system or retain a designer?

The Solution:  

For projects with a budget of $2000 or more, our Project Assistant Team will analyze your development needs and recommend the proper course of action, free of charge. Submit your project request information and let our team of experts recommend the best course of action to save you the most time and money. All recommendations are only suggestions, the final decision is always left up to the buyer.

Submit Your Project Information






Project Description:
Please include as much of the following as possible:

-Type of business
-Purpose of website
-Current domain

-Estimated budget
-Desired time frame
-Example websites

How It Works:

1. Submit Request

Submit the following information: 
-Type of business: shoe store, insurance company, etc.
-Purpose of website: is it just an information site or will you have direct sales?
-Current domain: list your current domain if you have one.
-Estimated budget: what exactly are you looking to spend?
-Desired time frame: flexibility might mean a little savings.
-Example websites: list any websites of competitors, or websites that you like.

2. Project Analysis

The project assistance team researches similar business models to determine the best approach for your project. For example, large Flash introductions are not recommended for large online stores where the objective is to present visitors with product information as quickly as possible. A website designed to generate traffic is formatted differently than a website geared more towards existing customers. Defining the best model for your objectives will save considerable time and money. 

3. Post Project

The project assistance team will review your objectives based on our project analysis and formulate an effective project request. The primary cost of web development is time. Having a properly outlined project request with clear objectives and design style preferences will ensure your project is completed in the shortest amount of time, resulting in a significant savings.

4. Bid Analysis

Once your project has been posted and the bids received, the project assistance team will review the providers and provide an analysis on the providers and their bids. We do not recommend specific providers unless requested by you, instead, we provide a "pro and con" analysis of the providers you select to help determine the provider best fit to complete your project.

5. Track Progress

Once a provider begins a project, you will be assigned a specific project assistance team member and provided their contact information. During the build process if you have any questions or need help negotiating with the provider, the team assistant will work with you to resolve any issues and ensure the project is completed successfully.

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